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If you want to make business transactions in another state or open a new business, call on the Platte River Registered Agency, LLC. We offer reliable and affordable registered agent services for commercial clients in the Cheyenne, Wyoming area.

What is a registered agent?

What is a registered agent?

A registered agent is a person who can accept legal documents and notifications from a state office on behalf of a corporate entity. All companies must be represented by a registered agent in the Cheyenne, WY area. A registered agent will:

  • Receive service of process (SOP) on your behalf
  • Record the information in a company database for future reference
  • Deliver the served documents to you in a timely manner
Make sure you have a reliable registered agent to handle business operations on your behalf. Call 307-222-9141 to schedule a consultation with the Platte River Registered Agency, LLC of Cheyenne, WY.

Registered Agency Service

$100.00 Annual Fee

Platte River Registered Agency LLC can serve as your registered agent in the State of Wyoming. A registered agent is required by state statute for all corporations and LLC’s formed in and registered to do business in the State of Wyoming.

Platte River Registered Agency will do the following as your registered agent:

  • Preparation and filing of all associated registered agent documents;
  • One calendar year of Registered Agent services;
  • Annual renewal reminder to file with the Secretary of State to remain in good standing;
  • Notification of Process Service.

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Registered Agency Service

  • Names and addresses of the directors, officers, LLC managers or persons serving in a similar capacity:

  • Name, address, and business telephone for a person who is authorized to receive communications from the registered agent (i.e. designated communications contact):